{"0":{"1":"Hi <\/span>, and welcome back to Numerologist.com ","2":"I have your date of birth
noted in my records as
<\/span>, <\/span>, <\/span>","3":"and if this is correct, then please pay close attention,","3.2":"as I\u2019ve got something incredible to share with you,","3.3":" something that\u2019s both fascinating and deeply beneficial to you","4":"and yes, it\u2019s primarily based on YOUR birthday.","5":"It\u2019s all got to do with what\u2019s knownas your \"Personal Year\u201d in numerology","6":"which allows us to calculate (with surprising accuracy)","6.1":"the overall, vitally important trends and opportunities, that are in store for you in <\/span>","7":" <\/span>, to calculate YOUR personal year, I need to start with three different numbers: ","8":"(1)<\/span> Your month of your birth, reduced down to a single digit, and","9":"(2)<\/span> Your day of your birth reduced down to a single digit ","10":"(3)<\/span> The year <\/span>, again, reduced down to a single digit.","11":" <\/span>, I think the easiest way to explain all this is by way of example","12":"and I think the perfect example to use is YOU and your birthday."},"1":{"global":{"1":"I see you were both in <\/span> which is the <\/span> month of the year. ","2":"'<\/span>' is already a single digit, so that\u2019s our first number."},"global2":{"1":"'<\/span>' is two digits, a '<\/span>', and a '<\/span>'.","2":" Adding <\/span> and <\/span> together gives us <\/span>.","3":" So, your first number is a '<\/span>'."}},"2":{"global":"I also see you were born on the <\/span> day of the month.","1":{"1":"<\/span> is already a single digit, so we don't need to do any addition her","2":"your second number is simply a '<\/span>'"},"2":{"1":"'<\/span>' is two digit, a '<\/span>', and a '<\/span>'","2":"Adding <\/span> and <\/span> together gives us <\/span>. So, your second number is a '<\/span>'. "},"3":{"1":"'<\/span>' is two digit a '<\/span>', and a '<\/span>'","2":"Adding <\/span> and <\/span> together gives us <\/span>.","3":" We're still not at a single digit though, so now we add the digits of the <\/span> together. ","4":"Adding <\/span> and <\/span> together gives us <\/span>. ","5":"So, your second number is a '<\/span>'."}},"3":{"year":{"1":"We reduce the year in question - <\/span> - down to a single digit. ","2":"To do this, we simply add up the individual digits of <\/span>","3":" so that\u2019s '<\/span>', plus '<\/span>', plus '<\/span>', plus '<\/span>', which equals <\/span>","4":"However, <\/span> is still not a single digit, so we add up the digits that make up the number <\/span>, ","5":"that's <\/span>, plus <\/span>, which is <\/span>. "}},"4":{"1":"So, we have our three numbers","2":"a <\/span> (derived from your month of birth), a <\/span> (derived from your day of birth), and finally, a <\/span> (derived from the year, <\/span>).","3":"Now, we add these three numbers together","4":"<\/span>, plus <\/span>, plus <\/span> which equals <\/span>","5":" <\/span>, we\u2019re nearly there!","6":"Now all we need to do is add the digits in that last answer together, so we end up with a single digit. ","7":"So, '<\/span>', that\u2019s '<\/span>', plus '<\/span>' equals <\/span>. ","8":" <\/span>, What all this tells us, is that you are in an \u201c<\/span>\u201d personal year, throughout <\/span>. ","7.1":"So, '<\/span>', that\u2019s '<\/span>', plus '<\/span>' equals <\/span>. ","8.1":"To get to a single digit, we need one final addition","9.1":"Adding <\/span> and <\/span> gives us <\/span>"},"5":{"end1":"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, Amet dolorem doloremque facere facilis incidunt inventore,","end2":"consectetur adipisicing elit. Alias culpa deserunt maxime praesentium quaerat saepe.","end3":" nobis odio odit porro praesentium quisquam sapiente vitae? "}}